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Authentic Bengali Catering Services in New York City

At Ghoroa Restaurant, we offer catering services in variety of occasions such as picnics, birthday parties, weddings, and various Bengali celebrations. Our catering services have been successfully provided for numerous Bengali programs, family party, annual meetups, and community events, Pahela Baishakh, and Eid festivals in the New York City.

No matter where your wedding venue is in NYC, Ghoroa Restaurant’s catering service is ready to make your event a success. From Manhattan to Queens, Jackson Heights, Jamaica. Brooklyn to the Bronx, we deliver the taste of Bengal to your doorstep earning a reputation for original taste and excellence within the Bangladeshi community.

This dedication to quality has made Ghoroa Restaurant one of the best Bangladeshi restaurants in Jackson Heights, NYC. With years of experience our experienced team is committed for the best service and ensure 100% authentic taste of Bengali cuisine every time.

Catering Service for Wedding Program

Create Unforgettable Bengali Wedding Memories at NYC with Ghoroa Restaurant’s Catering Services!

Make your day Exquisite Bengali Cuisine From the rich flavors of Kacchi Biriyani to the aromatic Morogo Polao, our menu features a delectable array of traditional Bengali dishes that will delight your guests. Indulge in mouthwatering Beef Vuna, succulent Chicken Roast, flavorful Jali Kabab, refreshing Borhani, and a tempting selection of Bengali sweets.

Our experienced catering team, with years of experience catering numerous wedding programs, understands the importance of every detail. We ensure impeccable service and delicious food, leaving you free to enjoy your special day without any worries. Trust us to infuse your wedding celebration with the essence of Bengali flavor and hospitality.

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